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Typography, the soul of your design

Having an attractive website is a great way to ensure that visitors do not navigate away from it. Using the right typography is an important part of any website design. This article will discuss tips that will help when choosing typography.

Color Schemes

In days past there were certain colors, which were used together to reach a pleasant effect. These days using traditionally mismatched colors might be exactly what your website needs to stand out from the competition.


Carelessly choosing a font can give a mixed message to the visitors to your website. Fonts must be selected to go with the message that you want to convey, as well as suiting the overall design of your site.

Emphasizing Words

There will be certain words, phrases or sentences that need to stand out from the re-set of the content. Punctuation can be used to create emphasis on words, such as exclamation marks, apostrophes and question marks (! ‘ ?). Simply enlarging certain words is a great way to make sure that they draw attention from the reader. Try to match the font size and positioning of other words to ensure that your emphasized words really stand out.

Keep it simple

Be sure that you do not over do your typography. Using an array of crazy fonts and seemingly random sizes will not improve the design of your website. You should select a small number of fonts and keep them consistent throughout your entire site. This will ensure that viewers are not bombarded with too many different themes. If every element in your design does not go together you will end up with a site that simply detracts from the message that you wish to convey.

Examples of Websites

Here are some examples of pleasant and interesting typography, which you can use as inspiration to make your website stand out: Getfinch, N. Design Studio, Mohanbalaji, Four24, Ryan Keiser, Carsonified, Wearecupcake, Kyle Steed, Fajne Chlopaki, Cool, We Shoot Bottles, 1md.de, Hull Digital, Benlind, YISY, Tiptopland, Crowley Webb, Stackoverflor Carsonified, Maurivan Luiz, This by them, Alpha Multimedia, fl-2 Blog, Pallian Creative, Gummisig, Denise Chandler, Wordit, Kerplune, Lorem Ipsum, Fabriziobalestri, and Household Design. These are all unique sites which have been created using appealing fonts, colors and placement.


The typography of your website is not the only thing that you should concern yourself with. Making sure that your website is easy to use can be just as important. If users find it difficult to locate different areas of your website, or have to wade through a plethora of text before being able to find the information that they are after, they are likely to go to another, better designed site. Make your website stand out from the rest, but do not make it too odd, otherwise no one will want to use it.

Your website does not have to be something that is completely unusual. If you use a simple but attractive color scheme, appropriate images, easy navigation, good content, and something that is a little different, your site will attract users while maintaining ease of use.


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