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Understanding link baiting.

Use the words linkbaiting in any given context, and it is a bit like breaking wind at a formal function.  People tend to stare open mouthed, give you that look of disdain and disapproval, and probably try and take steps to get you to leave, maybe even forcefully eject you.  Though it is clearly not very nice to hear someone let rip while you are standing at the alter, possibly it is a little harsh to apply the same rules to a method of marketing that has come from an organic and essential concept of the web. 

It has gained negative connotations on the web due to the way it has been used to force content editors into linking to a website without giving them a choice, by using deception, and clever traps, and in the most extreme cases, fraud.  It is for this reason that linkbaiting, conjures similar reactions as breaking wind. 

Understanding linkbaiting in its most wholesome form, will enhance your business and will possibly enhance your sites reputation.  To use it effectively and to its potential, it is important to understand what hooks a person when they read an article.  For this reason, also leads into the importance of good copy writing, and SEO writing.

In essence, good content writing is what generates linkbaiting.  A good, quality content post of some kind, albeit a forum posting, a blog post, or something similar, can and will generate interest.  So in essence linkbaiting is placing a posting, be it an article, picture, or video, with the goal of generating as many links as possible to the site. 

So how is this accomplished?  Well the key to understanding linkbaiting is to understand what hooks a person.  It goes without saying that the article has to be interesting, has to be informative, and well written.  Unreadable articles are no fun, and will have a negative impact. 

The interest factor cannot be overstated, so keep the content relevant and not too wordy.  In other words, make sure you do not repeat yourself too much, and that each point is clearly explained.  Also, make sure you have a point, or you will not get very far.  If possible make sure that your blog article can offer something constructive, and even better, lead to debate.

It is for this reason that controversy can be King.  The best articles in this category, not so much get the blood boiling, as many people see through this for what it is, but provoke just enough to get a reaction, preferably an opposite reaction to the view you put forward.  This will give the posting a real push to stardom.  Keep it real though or you could loose credibility. 

Linkbaiting has risen in popularity as marketers have realised that the way to promote businesses is to put the brand’s URL on as many forum and blog posts as possible.  So by putting your URL on a common discussion forum will generate its own rewards.

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  1. diannelane4ever

    Link baiting is still a difficult subject for me. I still have to grasp the basics and the purpose of it. And definitely, I still have to learn the effective techniques of link baiting before I can apply it on my websites.

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