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Unfamiliar Web Browsers You Might Not Have Known About

Did you realize that the browsers you frequently use are not all what is out there? Certainly, there are many you might not have heard about. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera are not the only ones. What about Stainless, Maxthon, Slepnir, Swiftfox and Lunascape?

It is true that we have all come to love the browsers we have been using. Precisely, they try to be the perfect ones for their users. However, they may never become because people are always exploring new ways of doing things. Remember life if dynamic. Nothing is static. So we even become tired using the same old great browser very day simply because it is a philosophy of life. Variety is the spice of it.


This may be the first time hearing this word as part of computer technology jargon. It is actually a browser which has been invented in response to Goggle Chrome. Take a look at how it is displayed as a web page. The operating systems are supported by OS X Leopard and Snow leopard.
It is ideal if you have several Gmail accounts and would like to access them with proficiently. An exceptional feature of this browser is that it gives its users the opportunity of logging into one web site using two different accounts on separate tabs. The latest version on the market is known as 0.7.5.


For clarity just take a walk through of the browser features below. Experts have explained that it is a highly configurable browser with a propensity towards security. The built in Ad- Hunter provides excellent protection against spyware; malware and viruses. Furthermore, it contains filters, which block pop-ups and disgusting content from irritating your web site experience.
Its functionality is greatly enhanced by more than 1, 400 plug-in devices. This is a most wonderful browser to have as an added advantage to your web experience. It is supported by windows, and the latest version is known as 2.5.11. Check it out and you may be surprised at what you find in a browser.


This browser is considered a Japanese device being very popular among that culture. If you are looking for a highly customized browser here you have it. It is very simple to install and navigate too. Take a look at how it will show up on your computer screen and see if this is something you would want to use. Remember, you have many options at your disposal. It is supported by the windows 98 server and the latest version is 2.9.2.


Swiftfox is related to Firefox and is considered an optimized version of it. As such, it is much faster with almost the same features. If you are a Firefox browser fan, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to explore some improved features of your Firefox browser. It is supported by Linux, and the latest version is displayed in the series 3.5.6.


Just take a look at the fabulous web page displayed by this browser. Lunascape has been said to be the world’s first and so far only triple engine browser. Isn’t that remarkable! It is hybrid, which is supported by windows. The latest version comes in 6.0.1.


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