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Useful applications to use with your iPad

Apple has a market in which your iPad comes into full use.  When you are a web designer, and you are using an iPad for designing; there are several applications you can add on to the iPad for your design use. When reviewing them, you need to really look at what features you are going to be using on a regular basis.


Gusto was one of the first that I looked at and this enables you to edit your designs fairly easily. It has a built in FTP, and you can publish at the touch of a button. You can preview both locally and remotely. In addition, you can store more than one project on the program.  Cost for this is $6.99 from iTunes.


The second application that I looked at was Penultimate from Cocoa Box Design. This is available from itunes for a special price, right now of $.99. It is available in several languages, and you can make notes and upload change them, etc. The new item in the latest update is page management.

Adobe ideas

Another that Apple is marketing through itunes is Adobe ideas. This is a free download and is available in 4 languages. This is a drawing application, which you can use on your iPad. This being a free application, I thought it was free but there appears to be a price tag of $4.99 to some of the features. Seems to me, it’s a little confused between the meaning of free and a cost.

Sketchy pad

Sketchy pad is useful when you want to sketch an idea for a website on the run. Cost for this is $4.99 and includes stencils and all sorts of icons.


Another application is AirDisplay. This enables you to use your iPad as a second monitor and requires no wires. I am a little unclear as to why you would require to see the same visual on two monitors, but there you have it, it is available should you wish to do so. Downloads are available for both Mac and Windows.


Ego was the next one up and this is a stats checking application.  You can check things like your Google analytics as well as your online “Mint” and feed burner stats.

WordPress iOs

WordPress iOs is available for you to build your website. You can manage your full site from this application, which is a free download from WordPress. Your website does need to be running WordPress 2.9.2 or higher, but I doubt whether that would be a problem except for someone that hasn’t updated in a year or more. There have been some reports of instability of this current version, but I would check it out on WordPress itself as the older version was extremely stable.

I mockups

I mockups is an application from itunes with the cost of $9.99. This won the award for the best mobile application in 2010 for the Applied Arts section. This enables you to make wireframes for the iPhone. It has excellent reviews overall and seems to be a good way to make use of the application on the go, as it were.


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