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Useful Tips for Designing a Better Small Business Site


Creating a decent and user friendly website is not an easy task and you need to consider whether you can and should do it yourself or whether it will be better to hire a professional web designer to do it. Pretty much any small business these days can benefit greatly from having a website, but this website needs to be designed in such a way that it can effectively promote the products or services that you are trying to sell. Making it interesting and easy to navigate is essential if this is what you want to achieve. This article covers some of the essential tips on what you should be thinking about when you design your small business web site.

Firstly, having a decent logo, which you should place prominently on the front page of your site, gives viewers an image to remember your organisation by. The logo should be simple and easy to recognise. Also, do not forget that it will be one of the first things that people see.

Keeping the text on each page of your site relevant to the overall theme is also important. Do not write more than you need to and keep information effective and simple to follow, something that will keep the viewer interested. Adding pictures is a great idea but it is essential to find the right compromise between quality and loading times and not to go overboard with pictures. Poor quality, small pictures will simply make your site look cheap and nasty but on the other end of the spectrum, larger, high quality pictures will slow down the site and make it an extremely frustrating experience for the viewer.

Having meta keywords and descriptions on each page will help optimize your site for the search engine results. Likewise, having a short and memorable title for each page must also be taken care of since it also makes the site easier to navigate. In order for the search engines to index your site more effectively, using a simple text-based navigation can work wonders and help to bring in a much larger number of hits.

Using cascading style sheets (CSSs) is also advisable since it helps to yield better search engine results and makes the site easier to update and modify when you need to. The use of H1-H6 tags are also a good idea for highlighting titles across the pages. You can also put a few keywords in bold in the information on your site but do not go overboard with this as it can start to look tacky.

It should also go without saying that the process customers have to go through in order to buy your products or services over your site (if applicable) should be straightforward, quick and efficient. There is nothing worse for both your business and the viewer to end up losing out because a potential customer was turned off because of a complicated and unnecessarily time consuming checkout procedure.

Having an internal search engine on your site and a site map is also extremely effective for making navigation easier and faster. So many sites do not bother with this, which is a grave mistake because viewers simply cannot find what they need in a timely fashion and end up navigating away and looking elsewhere. You can also upload an XML format site map to Google using their webmaster’s tools which will help to improve the search engine results.

Another thing that must not be overlooked is the addition of a privacy policy which is mandatory if you are collecting any personal information about your clients.
Although these are just a few basic tips to help you create a better business web site, there are many other things to think about, but these are some of the most important. Hiring a professional web designer is often preferable since they will be better equipped to take care of this and the end result will look smarter and more professional which is essential if you want your business to be taken seriously.

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    Same here. I’ve read almost all the articles now and I believe I’m already equipped to launch a really effective, better, and organic web design. Anyway, this article is a basic one but really hits the mark.

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