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Useful tools for cross browser testing compatibility

Did you really think that cross browser testing compatibility could be a pain in the neck? It does not have to be, since there are useful tools available to make this process easier than you can ever imagine. Every web designer’s ambition is to create a style that looks great and at the same time facilitates browsing among several browsers. Typically, this is known as Cross Browser Testing Compatibility. Enjoy many tools by which you have access in accomplishing this task.

Adobe Browser Lab

You may be anxious to know exactly how this works. It is a very simple process. From the illustration below you would notice that this tool shows several screenshots of your site as seen by various web environments.

As such, to assess cross browser compatibility would mean conducting a default test, which includes Firefox 3.0 on windows XP and OSX, Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows XP and Safari 3.0 on OSX. You must have an active Abode account for this procedure to be completed.

This feature allows you to change or adjust which browser you would like to test by simply visiting Browser Set and selecting the desired options. An excellent feature of this tool which must not be overlooked is the 2- up view, which allows the user to conduct a side by side check as well.

Browser shots

Browser Shots is a customized device which provides users with the luxury of viewing screenshots of their websites under several browsers. What a wonderful opportunity! With precision, it allows you to choose your screen size, color depth, JavaScript and Flash. Enjoy this free tool and follow instructions for best results.


This tool is just as what is implied. It facilitates optimization for I E Platforms and allows users to check multiple versions of Internet Explorer. There is a unique option through which the designer can even work out minute layout differences. Compatibility infringements are minimized through applications of rulers and guides.


Here is yet another unique way of establishing cross browser testing compatibility. This seems to offer a specialist formula. As any other litmus testing device there is specificity in the nature of testing. The tool is geared to test for bugs and create appropriate reports to guide further action when exploring 24 browsers. This tool is free for 50 tests and its use is limited to IE 7 and Firefox 2.

Cross Browser Testing

Picking an operating system is the only thing you have to do when accessing the properties of this tool. The next thing is to select a browser, and there you can view side by side or vertical elements for which to conduct your cross browser testing compatibility.

Spoon Browser Sandbox

This tool supports Internet Explorer 7 & 8. As any other tool, it facilities cross browser testing compatibility by enhancing browser visibility. In order words it makes them easily accessible. A distinctive feature of Spoon Browser Sandbox is that while increasing accessibility through visibility experts call it the next best thing to a native environmental test. Pages can be tested live in Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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