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Useful web designing books – part 2

When you got interested in designing your own website eventually you do start collecting books about things that go on in the various types of languages, even if it’s merely to get an understanding of what is going on in the scripts that people send as tidbits for you to use. For a long time, I accepted that this was what I needed for a certain thing to work and merely used it and then carried on to the next item I needed. But as you know, Monkeys are incredibly curious, and eventually I just had to pick it up to find out how to take it apart and put it together again. As I started to look so my library started to grow. Did I understand it all? Of course not! But as time passed my knowledge of the scraps I had picked up extended, and I did grow a little more knowledgeable.

Some of the books that you might like to pick up and keep in your own library are among the suggestions I have listed below.

Web Standards Creativity

The first thing I need to say is, don’t think if you are a beginner, you will understand this. Once you get into learning a bit then it will start to make sense. Basically, this is intended to those with a bit of knowledge. It consists of 10 chapters, which are made up of 260 pages of technical knowledge about CSS, (Cascading Sheet Style) Layouts and Dom Scripting (Document Object Model). To someone with some knowledge, this is an eye opener to a new world.

Designing the Obvious

If you intend, or are designing, for the web you need this book. It’s a basic book that offers you a common sense approach without the high brow language. It is not a guide or a step by step but will show you how and where to find things. It is not for the advanced. It’s a basic book.

Designing with WebStandards

This book concentrates on the need to adhere to web standards. Right now there are so many different kinds of things happening on the web that really need to be coordinated into a standard of some sorts. If you intend or are working in the design industry this is a book that you really need to read, even if it was written some time back.

Don’t make me think

This is an easy to read book that gives you an understanding on how the web works and is useful to anyone who needs to understand. You do not have to be a web designer to read this. It is for the layman who needs a basic understanding of how to talk to a designer. If you are going to be hiring someone to do your web design … read this book first!

Designing Web Navigation

This book is just as it says the designing of web Navigation. This is one of your most important aspects of web design. If your navigation is not easy and useable for all your visitors you have lost 90% of your customers. When you read this you will get a very good grasp of how to deal with the problem.


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