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Using LinkdIn for a Web Designing Company


The key to successfully using this application is to beef your profile up and use applications in the right way. This will help you to network with clients and other designers in the community.

Many people view LinkedIn as a glorified job network, but there is more to it than that. Since being created in 2003 it has been faithfully followed by those in the business and job seeking community. Having a profile on LinkedIn shows others that you know the importance of creating professional relationships with others and networking online.

LinkedIn helps those looking for work to communicate with each other about different available job positions. Sure, people can interact in relation to work on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but LinkedIn is really in sync with the business community, no matter what industry you are interested in.

New applications

Using applications lets you tell others a lot about your work and what you are all about. There are 19 different applications that you can choose from, but one that every designer should use is “creative portfolio display.” This was added to the list of apps in July 2010. The creative portfolio display lets members make a multimedia portfolio for free, which will share their qualifications and work history with others.

There are several other applications which designers should consider using. These include: Google presentations, slideshare presentations, huddle workspaces, blog link/ wordpress, legal updates, tweets, FT press delivers, projects and teamspaces.

There are some different sections, which will help you create a customized profile: languages help you to specify how fluent you are in languages, publications let you share the work that you have had published, skills allow you to list your fields of expertise, certifications let you list you licenses, clearances and certifications, patents allow you to show what you have invented with either granted or pending patents.

Profile advice for web designers

LinkedIn’s profiles allow you to show your current work positions, as well as two earlier positions, education, photo, summary, specializations and any recommendations that you have up to a limit of three. Fully completing your profile will help you to be more successful with the site. If you are unsure as to whether your profile is 100% complete simply log in, go to “edit your profile” and there will be a bar which displays how much of your profile is finished.

When you are entering your specialties and work summary make sure that you use rich keywords, which describe your work the best. There are applications, which will help you select keywords, such as Google Adwords.

Linkdin can really help your freelance business to boom, and it is also great for those working with larger businesses.


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