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Valuable Free Tools for the WordPress Bloggers – Part 1

Is WordPress your main publishing platform? If your answer is yes, perhaps you already know that there is a great range of web tools available on the net that can help you to improve your work. That’s why I’ll focus my attention only on some of them that, in my opinion, can be considered one of the best.

ScribeFire, for example, comes with a large variety of useful and great options and features for those who write posts.

It is a FireFox plug-in you can use to drag and drop the content of a large variety of sources (some of these sources are not completely supported by VisualEditor or WordPress yet). Using ScribeFire you can manage and also leave notes on the post you make, you are able to upload files through built-in FTP, to manage the uploaded images or to create timestamps.

WordPress Helper is a very helpful tool no matter if you are an experienced blogger or a beginner.

It is able to notify you about the new WordPress versions, and it can give you the possibility to set custom keyword shortcuts, to place helpful files, or to right-click to access a page on your computer.

Free Firefox add-on, or Screen grab WordPress is of  great help whenever you have to include many screenshots in the posts you make.

It allows you to save Internet page as image and then to use it to upload it automatically to the WordPress site you are creating just clicking a button.

WordPress Scanner is a great tool, too.

It was created to protect your blog against all kinds of virtual threats. You can find it as a WordPress plug-in or as a web-based simple application.

Broken Link Checker is also a WordPress plug-in created to check your hyperlinks in order to see if they are active or not.

It also scans your pages and blogs to see if there are broken links, and then it announces you through WordPress Dashboard if it has found broken links. You can set the time when it can start scanning. I recommend you to set a low traffic time when you set the scanning time.

If you have ever tried to include some code snipplet into the WordPress post using the WordPress Visual Editor only to discover how it is able to mangle your nice formatted code, then you will find that Google Syntax Highlighter is great.

It is a WordPress plug-in able to handle preformatted codes from your WordPress pages and posts. It also helps you to display easier the code on your highlights and posts. If you consider that Google Syntax Highlighter is not a good tool for you, I recommend you to try SyntaxHighlighter Plus, WP-Syntax or WP-Chili.

Insights, a WordPress plug-in, too, was created to assist whenever you have to find or gather media or information for the blog posts you are working at.

More on, it gives you the possibility to search the already existing blog post to find certain information or intuitive interfaces to search the external services and websites like: Google Blog search, Youtube, Flickr, and Wikipedia-all with the help of WordPress interface.

Windows Live Writer is a notable Microsoft application, a free desktop one that can work along WordPress and other well known platforms as Typepad and Blogger.

With it, you can write offline posts and post them when you want to publish them. If you use a Mac, I recommend you to check out Thingamablog or Ecto. Thingamablog is a cross-platform desktop application created for Windows, Linux and Mac users.


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