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Valuable Free Tools for the WordPress Bloggers – Part 2

There is not a very easy way to be a WordPress Blogger, isn’t it? I know this well enough and that’s why I thought to make a brief list with convenient plug-ins, applications, extensions and browsers hoping to help somehow my blogger fellows.
Some blogs involve many editors and authors, or many times you have to write long posts that require hours of work until you can finish them, so WordPress plug-in – Revision Control– is the tool that might help you a lot.

It can help you to manage various versions of a page or a post so that to be able to back up or revert it to many different versions.

If the subject of a blog is too big to be discussed in a single post it is better to divide the blog in several parts that are going to be published one by one. In this case Organize Series is a perfect tool.

It comes with a series of features and options for post groups or post series, being able to list the links to other parts of the specific series. More on, it is able to add series specific icons to help you identify easier a post group.
A very difficult part of blogging consists in managing the comments made by readers and in answering them in due time. WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier is exactly what you need to accomplish this task easier.

It sits on the tray of your system and announces you when somebody posted a comment. One of its great features is the fact you can set the intervals when you want it to check for new comments. And I consider this a great characteristic because in this way you can easily moderate and answer the comments, and we know that readers always appreciate this.
Recently, the WordPress team released WordPress 2.7 and in this way they managed to improve a lot the management and the moderation of the comments. However, if you are looking for something more I recommend you WordPress Comment Ninja.

It is a Greasemonkey script created to extend your response options and the moderation of the comments. For example, you can answer a comment through an email, or you can email the comment verbatim to somebody. To be able to work with WordPress Comment Ninja you need Greasemonkey and Firefox.

Many times bloggers advertise the site sponsors’ banners to help out the costs of the server or why not, for profit. AdServe offers you the possibility to manage the sponsored advertisements directly from inside the WordPress without being necessary web services or a third-party script.

AdServe can be highly configured, and it was created to help you to manage all ads. It is also able to track and then to display relevant and vital statistics about your ads, click-through ratios and page impressions.

If your posts must be tagged regularly I recommend you to use Simple Tags.

It is a WordPress plug-in created to extend the post tagging characteristics in WordPress. It is very helpful when you have to organize the keywords and more on, it gives you hints about relevant keywords. It also offers you the possibility to batch-replace and batch-edit the already existing tags.

I have observed that Twitter becomes quickly a staple application used by many bloggers. So, if a blogger wants to notify automatically his Twitter followers about the new posts on his WordPress site Twitme is the proper tool.

Twitme is a WordPress plug-in created to send tweets as soon as you have published new posts. I also recommend SimpleTwitter plug-ins, Twitter Tools, WordPress, or Twitpress. I am sure that one of these fits perfectly to your work.

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