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Video backgrounds: a good or bad thing? – part 3

One of the most powerful items of attraction on a website is a video. This brings a new world into the view of the audience. The presentation of the visual is a way of bringing an up close and personal view of any item, service or place to your viewer. The result of this interaction is that the video and the way they can present a new vision have become increasingly popular on the internet and in design today. Most designers tend to use Flash for this although HTML52 can also be used.

Because of the application of this format, it is not really suitable for blogs but in mainstream websites like entertainment ones they can work well. Fashion websites are especially good for this sort of thing as you can see the garments in full spectrum.

A good example of this is the jewelry website of Bulgari, the Italian jeweler. His newish line of jewelry B Zero1 is shown as back drop. The tendency to use this kind of backdrop can make the site very slow opening and running. The end result can be dramatic, but here it has the tendency to look similar to a DVD. On a note with reference to opening, this site can take up to 5 minutes to open with a slow server.

An example in the clothing line is Uniqlock4. This is a Japanese clothing retailer. The site won awards for this in the online advertising in 2008 in London. Different techniques have been brought into use in this video, which gives you an on going fashion parade. Use of dance music and various other aspects in the background is entertaining but on a slow connection it wouldn’t work well. Opening of this site took 2 minutes.

A knitwear site which displays the work of two designers in the Faroe Islands is the next example. This is called Gudrun og Gudrun. This is very heavy to load and as a result very slow. One of the drawbacks here is it looks as if people are in slow motion.

The next website is too far advanced for its time, which means it fails to work. This is JayJays DanceOff.  It has been done in a 3 D format and as most homes don’t have 3 d as yet the website fails to either format in a form that can be easily seen. Extremely slow in loading it means it is taking up huge bandwidth and thus will lose a lot more customers than will hand around to see the page. The concept is good but the methods used are wrong.

The next one is in French and belongs to Yves Rocher. Here the video doesn’t automatically start, which is good. It is about the essential aspects of sexuality. The good thing about it is it takes into account the rights of all to choose.

One thing most of these sites have in common is the fact that they assume sight is there. This isn’t always worked as so many people are visually impaired but still use the computer. Legally, all people have to have full access in text as well.


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