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Ways to Make Sure Your Website fight Against the Nasties

It sounds a little like fear mongering but there are so many hackers out on the internet that it is actually time to take a good hard look at how you actually control your website safety. When you do it right you really enhance your security, which is actually a really important thing to do. There are so many predatory creatures on the internet who appear to have fun causing discomfort to others that it becomes imperative to make sure your website is as safe as you can possibly make it. Although we cannot defend ourselves totally we can make it a lot harder for the determined hacker in the hopes they will move on to the next and easier target.

One way you can start to make your website more locked down is doing regular updates of your site and databases base platform. While it isn’t a good idea to update before the bugs are fixed, or you might find yourself doing the bug fixes. Keep an eye on the website where the platform is held and watch the update section for the reports of bugs and updates as well as the fixes.  Within a month or at the maximum two you should be safe to update without encountering problems.

Regular updates of your database are something that should be a weekly chore. When you update you should make an alteration to your password. Make a new password and send the new password to yourself in your password email safe email to make sure you have it on hand for when ever you need it.

There are several programs that will create a password for you that is randomly created with a combination of numbers and letters both capital and lower case. Whatever way you create it make sure you keep at least two copies in separate places.

If you secure your admin panel on WP admin area by limiting the IP addresses that can actually access it. To do this you limit the access through the .htaccess file. Make a page and name it .htaccess file.

Save the resultant file in your Admin in WordPress folder.

Make sure you do not display the version of WordPress you are using. Take it out of your header .php by removing the script that looks like this.

There are two ways of uploading your info into your website. One is the way most people use and that is ftp. Instead rather use Sftp. This is for security. It is merely a case of getting the port number from you website host and use that when you are doing your ftp to your website. This means that no one can access the info you are uploading. Just changing your settings on your ftp program will enable you to use this and be a whole lot safer.


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