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Ways to use Coding

Coding is something some people think in. It’s like thinking in your home language and without the need to translate. If you speak fluent German but are in actual fact English speaking many times you will think in English and do that automatic translation in your head without even realizing it. If you are German you think in German. Now there are actually people who think in code. This is a computer genie. They are the lucky ones when it comes to coding as they see the trees in the woods while the rest of us see the woods and try to work our way through it.

Because we need to work at a speed to have the work we are doing as accurate and well-marked up, it is a good idea to use a grid system in the form of a template that contains frameworks. Blueprint and 960 both give you this form that saves your time once you know your way around it by already being cross browser compatible. They do, however, take time to learn.

Whatever form you decide on to use, be it a template which is basically pre-made grid framework or one of the above, there are sections of code you will have to repeat continuously.

Once you realize which these items are you can make a template to enable this to be speed up. It is best to make use of XHTML 1.0 Code in the Strict DocType format. Anything that doesn’t adhere to this should be put aside as it can cause trouble later.

By using the XHTML format, which falls under the W3C specifications it will save time as it eradicates a lot of the cross browser problems. Keep to the same format when writing throughout and be consistent in your conventions. File names should be meaningful in both documents and directories. This applies to ID’s and classes as well. Replace positional naming with semantics. This works with more flexibility if you are going to make changes later.

With the coming of HTML5, new elements have been introduced, which help in sections, but you still need to use the naming with regard to conventions. The use of this practice makes things speed up as you are organized. Items can be found and edited with far more speed.

CSS has ways of attributing items with rules, which can be used, which means the code you need to write is reduced. One of the reset CSS sites, which have great info for you to use is Yahoo reset YUI3. It’s a good idea to read through this and implement it.  It saves a lot of time by preventing you from having to debug for certain browsers. Fill in the new settings and save them. This is the quickest way of doing it and prevents conflicts.

In particular, if you have an older computer, do not use the universal selector to reset. It will overload the computer. By resetting the CSS and by using HTML5 as your language you would be on a long way to have the amount of code you use reduced to make you a lean and clean coder.


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