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Web Based Careers: Combining Passion with Practicalities

Web based career personnel seem to live on a different planet- both mentally and emotionally. For some reason, their attitude, ideas and their very nature is typical. They carry their jobs in their heads far beyond working hours. They have no qualms sitting down at their laptops as soon as they have finished their official work for the day.

There are several reasons for this mutant career gene. One is of course that web related jobs can be continued at home too. Web based jobs can vary from web developers to web designers and all these have one thing in common: They all feel this tremendous passion for their work and love to be hands-on even when off working hours.

Their project plays on their minds and pips their day. However, there is a downside to this attitude too. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl’ said a wise person. It’s so true.

Every job or career should have its down time. Without unwinding, the brain will not perform at its peak- this is especially true for jobs involving mental strain. In physical jobs, it’s easy, the job stops when your hands stop: What about brain jobs? It’s a tough thing to get the mind to stop running on and on. Relaxation is a difficult habit to learn. But if you don’t pay attention to relaxation, your mind will be like a motor running without a load and will finally burn itself out.

Steps to rejuvenating the passion

•    Learn to switch and juggle between projects. This will keep your interest levels stoked and will keep your mind fresh. Working on the same monotonous job (nothing beats the monotony of writing reams of code) can be frustrating to downright boring if done at a long stretch. This will help maintain the quality of the work too.
•    Try working on your own freelancing projects which will give you some control over the type of projects that you do. In an office, you have to work on what the boss wants you to work on. Begin with freelancing projects that you can handle comfortably together with office work.

•    Web based careers involve dimensions which are evolving all the time. New developer tools, new designing tools keep changing the landscape of web based applications. Read the latest books and read up on the latest features of any software that enters the market- this will refresh your interest and update your knowledge simultaneously.
•    Make it a point to attend interactive sessions with other like-minded professionals. Having fun and exchanging ideas will be a lot more productive than sitting all the time in a dull cubicle churning out work by the gallons. Learn to combine fun with learning. The mind is much more receptive to new and innovative ideas when it is relaxed than when it is stressed and exhausted.

A judicious mix of work and play refreshes the mind and spurs it to better performance.




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