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Useful web designing books – part 1

After we have been on the internet for a while, and we venture into the aspect of putting up our own blog, we eventually get interested in web design. Once this happens, besides research on the internet itself, there comes a time when we need to see the written word and collect a library of our own books to enable us to refer to them when the need arises. It is no longer a case of I will collect it from the library when I am there, but you need it on your own shelf for a quick reference. I have collected a few together that I think will appeal you.

Bulletproof Web Design

This is someone who knows how to use the standards of the modern web. You need to take a good hard look at this book but also remember it was written some time back. Things change rapidly on the internet.

Pro CSS and Html Design patterns

This book was written some time back but still has useful information to help you solve some of the common problems we find with CSS pages. There are numerous snippets of code included, which are still useable today.

The Zen of CSS Design

If you are looking for an inspiration, this book will probably give it to you. The pictures that are shown give you an inspiration to create. It is somewhat out of date now as CSS3 is here.

Adapting to Web Standards

This book shows you actual websites to show you how these sites achieved the effects they did. It is not aimed at the beginner.

Web Redesign 2.0

This shows you what steps are necessary to cost and plan as well as design a web site.  You will see the forms, and lists created that you will probably need.

The Design of Sites

Here we have a collection of designs that will be useful when you are creating your own web site. This covers a full lesson on what you need to know to create a website. There are 450 photos and diagrams, which will be of great use to you. This is a must have book.

Web Design

This has an excellent collection of designs that are all prize winners as in their own right.

Web accessibility

This is a must have book. Here you are given some of the legal guidelines around the world about accessibility on the web. The need to make your web accessible there are certain things you have to adhere to in order to comply with the laws of the world. When you are constructing a website you need to keep these in mind. Remember ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Even if it is a bit dry and dull in parts, but you still need to do the things they recommend.

CSS Mastery

This is a book about CSS and for the more advanced user. This is a book that is recommended to people using CSS to create their websites on a daily basis. Although some people have recommended this for beginners as well, I found it a little advanced for most beginners. Another consideration with this book was written sometime back before CSS3.


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