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Web design and Google Chrome

Google and Google Chrome have a great many extensions available which are there to help you in your work as a designer. There is a drawback to many of them that I see and this is something I do not like on my own computer no matter how good they might be. Too many of these applications require access to your computer. If you download an application you can at least check it for Trojans and hijackers, etc. However, when someone has access to your computer from afar, even if they say they don’t take advantage of it, it provides a hole in your security, I cannot like.

The first application I am looking at is Awesome Screenshot.

This application does access your computer, and it takes a screen shot of the page you are viewing. You can adjust it to take the section you want, or you can take the full page.  I am luckily not dependent on this as I have a pkey application.

The next I looked at is Web Developer.

This is similar to the plug-in that is available for Firefox and by the same developer. It gives you a tool bar with your various developer applications all on it. You can use these to look and
discern what the website is made up of. This is quite an interesting concept if you are wondering how a particular effect was achieved. You can work out layouts and see ho a variety of tools can be used.

Similar is Builtwith, which is a tool to get all the technology used on a webpage.

This is a form of a tool to diagnose every widget tool and plug-in used on a website.

Stay focused is a tool to stop you wasting your time on the internet.

Basically, it’s set to shut you down if you spend too much time answering emails going on Facebook and just generally frittering your time away.

Do you struggle to understand the meaning of something and suddenly need to know something? Apture is the tool for you.

By using highlighting this tool will instantly tell you the meaning. This can be very useful if you are dealing with a subject on which you have little knowledge.

Dayhiker is a kind of diary to keep your timing on track.

It is simple to use and invaluable if you are juggling your time schedules for the day.

GradeGuru will help you with any citation you need to reference.

All you need to do is highlight the text and it will tell you where it is from. It’s not nearly as good as the extension on Firefox, but it does the job.

Yoono this tool gives you access to all your social media applications in one place.

Just remember your toolbar by now is getting pretty crowded. It is a good thing, however, to try and keep things together rather than to have a million windows open together. This at least cut that down and means you really only have to focus on one place.


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