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Web design tips for designing a good checkout system, part 2

In part 2 of our web design tips for designing a good checkout system, we will look at some more useful tips to get the checkout system of your e-commerce site, on the money.  The benefits of doing so, cannot be overstated, as this is the area of the site that clinches the deal.

Always provide a progress bar so the customer knows exactly where they are in the checkout process.  Not only does this give your customer the capability of modifying the order, as I am sure I do not need to mention that this should be a click through, but it also gives them a sense of control.  Remember that your job is to make this process as easy as buying it in a high street store and, provide the same facilities.  See part 1.

Ensure that navigating during the checkout process is clear.  Make what to do obvious, and any ‘next step’ buttons should be prominently displayed.  Also, try and ensure that the layout of the page does not have anything distracting on it, so lose any buttons such as ‘product category’ and anything else that is surplus to requirements, and focus the navigation on the next step of the checkout phase.  Have a ‘continue shopping’ button so they can buy something else if they want to, but that should be the only button that navigates away from the checkout process.

It may be necessary to provide extra information to the customer during the checkout process.  Should this be needed, try and incorporate information via a mouse over, or if the worst comes to the worst, a pop-up box.  Whatever you do, do not take them away from the checkout page(see above).  If they get confused or lose the tab window, you could well have lost the sale.  If one customer turns into many, you will have severe problems.

As previously stated, you should try and provide as many options for a customer, that a high street store can.  Sadly, the one that you will never be able to emulate no matter how good your web design is, is to provide same day goods.  So give your customers the next best thing and give them accurate delivery time information.  This gives the customer time to make arrangements to accept a delivery, or provide you with alternative delivery address or arrangements.

Always be polite and give your customer a thank you note at the end of a completed order.  Also, tell them what will happen next:  Will they get a confirmation email of when the order has been shipped?  Can they expect the delivery within 24 hours?  This level of service has a professional air about it, and this is always good to try and obtain repeat sales.

It is always good practice to send out a confirmation email, as it keeps the customers in the loop, and like the accurate delivery times, gives your customers time to make arrangements.  It also reinforces the professionalism of your site, and helps to ensure repeat business.

Together with part 1 of our web design tips for designing a good checkout system, you now have a comprehensive guide on the best tips to follow to ensure your checkout system will not drive customers away.

The best checkout systems are easy to use, and all distractions are eliminated.  This way the sale is made and the money is in the bank.  This also promotes repeat sales and ensures your business stays in business for  a long time to come.  So print out and use these tips as it is good business to do so.

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  1. TheGodfather

    There should definitely be a part 3. I’ve read part 1 and then this and everything are so unbelievable. It’s really helping me a lot.

  2. Carmel Rio

    Progress bar- definitely it is a must. As long as the site doesn’t house a one click function, it is best. Customers will not wonder whether the system just goes problematic if they don’t see an indicator that it is being processed.

  3. Hungryman

    I never thought that there will be a part 2. Awesome tips. I never thought that I should have the navigation clear during checkout. Well, I know I should but, not paying attention to it.

    Good luck and more power!

  4. Gaultney Ferrer

    There are many online businesses at present. For your site not to be left behind, it is great to follow the steps written her. A great article.

  5. Dash

    Hey, hello guys. It’s me again Dash. Hi Hungryman, I’d like your thought re the navigation. Unfortunately we have too :).

    By the way, thanks for this guys! It’s a big big help to me. I hope that there’s part 3!

  6. Karrie Nicolussi

    I am running an online business. I am certain that I will ask my developer to check out your site. There are just so many things to learn from you.

  7. Bear Brand

    An effective checkout system is really important for guests to have an easier process of their purchase. Your tips are really great!

  8. Alton Diaz

    Once again, another great tip from a great author. I am about to start e-business and this is a huge help. Thank you.

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