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Web Design Trends for 2010

Trends infiltrate social life. They impinge on fashion, education, life styles and technology. Therefore, when speculating on Wed Design Trends for 2010, within this discipline, as it relates to industrial activity, the designer must approach it with an open mind.

In examining trends, designers would realize that it prepares the basis for the improvement and expansion in the industry. No visitor wants to see the same content on a web page for more than six months much less one to two years. Effective feedback sets the stage for evolution in the science as trends are identified and designers adapt to meet pressing demands for changes.

As such, speculations regarding trends for 2010  would encompass oversized Logos/ Headers; Sketch Hand Drawn designs; Slab Typefaces; Typography; One Page Layouts; Huge Images; Change of perspectives and interactive Intuitive Designs.

Oversized Logos/ Headers

What has been the trend regarding this feature that has brought it to the fore front one may ask?  Listen! New concepts in Web Designing have detected that Oversized Logos or Headers can be very effective. They provide visitors with the opportunity of scrolling down rather than clicking for the content, which you desire them to view. Just take a brief look at the Oversized Logo Header example given below. Now, grasp the new trend web designing has to offer visitors.

Sketch Hand Drawn designs

There is immense creativity within the hands of web designers. The challenge is that many of them are afraid to take advantage of this skill because of low self esteem and the drudgery of imposed incompetence. This is the work of self. Take a look at the sketch below and be inspired.

Many times if you wait to be validated by another it will never come. Everyone is searching for validation, and they will not waste it on you. Even though it may appear selfish it is the truth. So the best thing to do is feel the fear and sketch hand draw designs. Accredit them yourself. This is a great way to begin infiltrating the industry with modern trends. Be the first to jump at it!

Slab Typefaces

This is somewhat new to web designing culture, but no less important as any other feature. However, experts have confirmed that they have been used in the traditional media for more than 200 years. Wow! The Old Wild West “Wanted’ posters are classic examples of Slab Typefaces. Take a look at the example given below.

The bold letterings, actually, are the slab Type faces worth noting.


Font integration always offers challenges to web designers. With so many different fonts from, which to choose it makes integration difficult. Hence typography will always be a recognizable trend in the science. From research findings, it is the leading element in web designing for which designers are always making adjustments.

Simply, put this provides the usability and visibility focus to the web page. It embraces two senses; seeing and interpretation. Fonts are very effective communicators when these two senses are efficiently activated. Just examine the typographic interplay within the example offered below.

Enjoy the versatility with which the designer has imposed his desires through typographic sentiments.


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