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Web designs that use Textures beautifully

Textures add beauty to many designs. However, it takes a great degree of expertise to create designs, which are consistent with themes, content and graphics. Actually, it has been said that texture gives the design that unique look which adds its distinctiveness. This article offers some designs, which have stood out above others and can be highlighted as the creativity of the inventor is credited.


As is being depicted in this design the texture displays a moving color between light cream to brown. The layout supports this as it would appear that the designer’s intention was to have visitors browse through the design without any distractive heaviness.

The theme is rather visible with an obvious texture selection immediately pointing users to the website theme written with a bold intentional texture line. Four well placed coated blocks are encased again within a darker color texture. Examine the texture tone of an outlined face indicating personal information.

Dan Conaway

Here is an extremely elegant display of integrated texture oriented design in this website. The inventor appeared to deliberately infiltrate texture with supportive bright color. Two distinct sections portraying different text creativity is the hallmark of the aesthetics. Placement of a male bird in the top right hand corner along with the company’s logo on the left side certainly is a relish to the texture itself.

These definitive sections amplify a predominant feature in web designing texture. This does not only dispatch beauty to the design, but also discreetly announces the purpose of the upright standing proud male Cock known for its crowing wake up call.

Aussie BBQ legends

This web design is unbelievably beautiful. The color schemes are just gorgeous. Displayed in the texture is an evasiveness that compels the reader to boldly immediately discern the purpose of the site.

The legends are displayed as upfront text as well as background designs. At first it would appear to be a web site design portraying circus activities the way graphics are arranged. However, the hidden message is clearly inscribed emphasizing Ausie BBQ legends and how delicious they actually are. Certainly, it has a delicious texture.Team


 Obviously, the texture here appears to be one for a newspaper. There is a slightly bland upfront portrait as well as supporting unassuming background. This texture lends itself to more reading than interpreting. Even though the designer used graphics they seemed unintentionally compulsive since attractive colors were omitted.

Mother Earth Brewing


This is another colorful texture infiltrated design. It contains graphics showing wine bottles on the lower right portion of the web design. Peace, love and Beer are noticeable inscriptions intentionally highlighted in red text with supportive compelling fonts. The mother Earth Logo takes precedence at the top left hander corner. Precisely, how the texture is portrayed the visitor would glance on the bottles and the words written over them before seeing anything else on the web page. It is a magnificent demonstration of directing traffic through perfect texture. The elegant back ground moving mild to moderate shades of cream is another powerful feature, which is outstanding in this texture. Enjoy these fascinating textures and explore ways in which they can be applied to future designs in the industry.


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