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Webhosts that are useful for hosting images

If you are intending to display a lot of images you might like to look at a few different websites that will host them for you. This can save on demands on your server. If you are going to be having large demands of large images your server costs can go up exponentially.

The ability to host reams and gigabytes of .jpgs and videos isn’t for all web-servers, and as a result we look for different hosting options and merely call the required image as required.

The first hosting service I looked at was one we all know, Flickr.

Here we have a hosting company that does a whole lot more than just host. You can become part of the community and join in with all the various activities. There are various things you can do like share with friends and family. You can also share on places like Facebook and Twitter as well as on your Blog.  You can make slide-shows and also work towards your badge. You can upload to places like Aperture, iPhoto, Windows Live as well as Picasa. You can organize your photos with tags and post them into various places like Google maps. Make them into collections and galleries. There are so many opportunities with this program.

Another photo hosting program is Photobucket.

Not only is this a place that will host the photos it is also a place to make your photos public and get found as a good photographer. There are different ways of presenting them here. You can also host videos here. Photo contests and the ability to edit your photos can be organized on here. You can make a collage of photos here and do a whole host of other things.

Imageshack was the next photo hosting web-server.

This is more basic webhost and it has a pick of the day and a bulk up loader that you can use.

Slide is a webhost that allows you to create slideshows.

You can also create things like images, which include a personalization in them as well as animations.

Another I took a look at is Webshots.

With this one you can send a greeting card with your photo as the greeting. It’s rather a neat application which has a daily photo which you can download for free. One has to make sure any photo you upload to any of these sites is copyrighted, or you will have it being used free all over the net. If you do not want to receive ads you will need to pay the yearly fee of $19.95.

I personally think that Shutterbug is one of the best programs, although it is well used by those in the know it seems not to be well advertised by these people who do know.

It is a very well kept secret and very well utilized by those that do know. The cost for this service is $17.95 at the moment. This is a great resource for all photographers with news, updates, shopping services for photographic related items, features and good honest tips.


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