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Webpage improvements you can make

In order to improve your web design, there are several ways you can make it work faster by using the firebug tool on Firefox.  If you haven’t been using this as yet I suggest you download it and then set about getting the various add on which are available for various different tasks.  The days when you just did a simple html page are long gone I am afraid. Today it is about being not only well designed but full of content graphics photos and all manners of other interesting content.  Content is still king in a round about way.  What I mean is Google relies heavily on recommendations from other websites as to where there is good content. In other words, if you have good content and as a result a high ranking website or two links to that content, Google sits up and takes notice, and your rankings improve.

Remember to use Web formatted jpegs for your photos, and any graphics should either be in the form of pngs or in gif files.  Png’s tend to be smaller than gifs.

Back to firebug.  Download it from here.

Once you have firebug installed we will look at things to add on to it to make your pages faster. Firebug basically looks at your pages to see where there can be an improvement and how long each segment takes to load.

Use minify for any JavaScript files to compress them. There is a great deal of information to be had from Rakaz.nl on this topic of combining java and CSS, and it is very interesting.

By minifying your JavaScript you will be taking out any unnecessary code that is duplicated in the write-up of the code. By combining JavaScript with your CSS as suggested by Rakaz above you will increase the speed of both your CSS pages and your JavaScript. This will also reduce the number of requests on your server.

There is a way of combining your various icons by method that was used by Digg. They used Sprites.

There is a tool available to do this. What you have to do it upload the various icons to the tool, and it will do the work.  You can read all about it on the site.

There are several pages on the web that can help you by actually holding items for you such as Youtube if you are going to be showing videos on your site. This is important in two ways. Both because you aren’t hosting them but Youtube is, and so its not a call on your server, and yet you can view them on your site, and the second item is by having them on Youtube, they will pick up the fact, and you will get double credit. In addition you can host them on Google TV.

Cuzillion is a program that you can look at to upload and check out your pages to see where improvement can be made.

You will be able to move things around to see where you can get the fastest results. Remember always put items that load slowly to load last.


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