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What applications for iPhones do you use in design?

More and more applications are appearing for the iPhone and many of these are useful when designing for the mobile phones. When you design a website today you have to take into account how your design will look on the mobile, or you have to make a complete mobile website for use by the mobile but with toned down sections just for the mobile.

Some of the applications are listed below, and you can take a look at whether or not you wish to incorporate them in your design.


Colorexpert is an application which mixes and matches colors for you and gives you some ideas of what goes with what in their color wheel. This comes from the Iphone Apple App store and costs $9.99.  Certain files do cost extra and one should read through the site carefully. For instance, the Art Files collection costs $49.95. It is not just useable with the iPhone but can be used for color identification as well as mix and matching for a website.

Font Shuffle

Font Shuffle is another application from Apple, this time via iTunes. This is about Typography. You can download this free application via iTunes. It is available in several languages and is 11.8 MB in size. Your basic fonts from font shop are available here. It is rather shy on the amount of fonts it has available and really needs some updating.


Imy was next and this accesses your MySQL database. You can use it to create queries. Why you would want to do this via a phone I am really not quite clear, but I guess there are some people whose fingers can use all those little buttons more easily than I can.


This is a tool used for painting and allows you to both paint and edit with the brushes and colors of your choice. This is a free application, which you can access via Apple Store.


iBlueSky is a mind mapping tool, which allows you to map out your ideas and thoughts on your iPad or iPhone. The cost for this application is $9.99 from the itunes application store.

HEX RGB Colors Guide

Another color application is HEX /RGB colors guide. This is a free download on twitter, which can enable you to win a $100 iTunes gift.


IPhone for WordPress is a download, which you can download from the App Store. This enables you to set up your whole WordPress site for your phone on the iOs.

jQuery Cheat Sheet

Your jQuery cheat sheet is another great download, which enables you to use these cheats for your jQuery needs on your site. This means you can test and create your applications with jquery.

FTP On The Go

When you need FTP from your phone to the website you will need FTP on the go. This costs $6.99 from iTunes and it was updated on Jan 13, 2011.

These various applications should help you with several iPhone applications, especially the WordPress one. This will enable you to add the operating system to your website to have the option to view your website in WordPress both as a normal WordPress site and an iPhone site.


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