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What Is Art?

Defining what art is? can be a difficult task. A popular opinion is that art cannot be truly defined, because it is subjective to human emotions. Various modes of art include literature, music, painting, photography, graphic design, film and sculpture. Generally, art is defined as either a performance or item which is created in order to communicate or create aesthetic stimulation. There is no clear definition of what art is, but many people have their own opinions on the subject. One piece of text might be popularly noted as art while another work is defined as mere entertainment. It is ultimately up to the individual to decide what art is to them on a personal level.

The History of Art

One way of trying to define art is, understanding the history of art. There is no direct line, which can be drawn from traditional to modern art. Clearly, we can see that the market for art has developed over time and note how it has done so, but monitoring the development of art itself is much more difficult. Unlike the development of technology, for example, art cannot be clearly defined and therefore cannot be easily tracked.

Digital Art

The development of digital art has been much speedier than that of traditional art. An entire generation has been raised on the use of graphic design mediums such as “Photoshop” and similar applications. Digital art is still a relatively new medium, which has plenty left to be explored. Much electronic art is designed so that it can be viewed using lower resolution devices. This has created a trend of low resolution art work that does not have the intimate textures of traditional art, such as paintings.

The techniques used to create digital art have changed the way that art is created. Perfectly structured lines and shapes can now be created easily with digital assistance. What was once an art for only those of steady hands, is now something that can be mastered by anyone with the computer access. Digital art has turned computer geniuses, and indeed everyday people, into artists.

Social Networks for Artists

With the invention of the internet, the world seems to have become a much smaller place. Previously, people would need to seek out universities, higher education facilities and special clubs in order to share their knowledge, techniques, opinions, and artwork with their peers. These days all a person needs is a computer with internet access to share their art. Scanners can be cheaply purchased, and work can be uploaded onto social networks such as deviantart.com. These types of networks are bringing artists closer and giving budding artists the opportunity to have their work critiqued by more experienced people. It has never been easier to promote yourself and your work.

Online jobs for artists

Creating an online portfolio is as simple as uploading your work to an appropriate website or application. Artists can share their work samples with prospective employers and find freelance work on the many job sites available. If you are a budding artist it is important to have a strong web presence.


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