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What is your bent in web design?

Let us consider the needs for a website and work out which area you are best suited to. When you start thinking in terms of being involved in web design it is a good idea to specialize.  The overall aspect of creating a website is so large it has basically out grown the hands of an individual designer.  The different talents really require more than one person so rather than being a dabbler in all aspects, be a master at one.  Take some time and find out where your joy and passion lies in the industry as a whole. As all the paid programs give you a month to try them out and although Photoshop is the industry standard and at sometime you will have to learn it to be able to compete in the open market. There are several free open source programs that also do similar jobs that you can see if you like that aspect before trying out another.  Do take your time. Remember you need to do something you enjoy and fascinate you as you will be doing it for a fair number of years.

Some of the aspects of the design:

–  Wireframes

–  Photographs and photo manipulation.

–  Illustrations Graphics

–  Logos and branding

–  Creation of videos

–  Web writing

–  Development of programs

The very best thing you can do if you are just getting into this aspect of your life, I would suggest you take one program at a time and try them out until you find the thing that really grabs your interest.

The different languages that you can use for programs are many and varied. The current one that is a flavor of the month is JavaScript. This is a neat small language that doesn’t seem to take up too much as far as speed is concerned. By using this language to program you can have a very fast program when it’s all worked out.

If you have good English writing skills you can be a useful member of the team to do the various “copy” for the websites.

If you have good skills with photograph, you can use it to create videos for the websites. You might need voice-overs for the narrations, but you might also like to do them yourself. The timing for this is extremely important.  It is a time consuming job and needs great concentration, and you will require the latest in Photoshop software.

Another aspect of this is animation. This again, is extremely time consuming as it requires you to manipulate each frame individually. This is a highly useful skill, and even the big movie studios are using it.

Editing and altering photos also takes time and skill.

Wireframes and setting up of the basic website can be a useful expertise as most designers now use these to do their mock ups.

Graphics are definitely something that requires a full time artist. This is another program that takes time to learn and a lot of practice. If you have an artistic bent this could well suit you.

Logos and Branding are yet another aspect that requires a great deal of talent and also needs a lot of research to come up with the final product for your client. You will need to research the industry as whole not just the client’s ideas.

When you set out to decide on getting your specialty, and once you have decided what you want to spend your time doing you will need to hook up with a team of people in all the aspects listed above to have the network of talent available. Make sure you have a legal agreement with the people involved and find a good person to head up the group. You will also need a good accountant.


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