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What Lies Behind A/B Testing

All business ventures are primarily concerned with how successful their venture will be and one of their most effective marketing strategies in no doubt a well-designed website. However, although a website may be an excellent way to promote your products or services, there are other formulas that you need to plan in order to work with your website to attract more potential customers.

One of these strategies is A/B testing, or split testing, which allows you to put your website under a test in order to make the right marketing choices. It is actually quite an easy formula that helps companies boost their profits.

A/B testing is not a difficult strategy, and with the necessary tools you can work out a great way to launch your website and your business. First of all, you must understand the basic principles of A/B testing, where two versions that compose one element are tested together to find out which one works best. Two different users check the conversion rates and the most effective one is chosen for the marketing strategy. This means that the website offers an enhanced user experience that cannot always be had on mere presumption.

You can use A/B testing on any element of your design you wish. An example would be to test the call to action button. You can test your original version with another one and find out which of the two is the most effective.

Other elements you could test are your headlines, length and body of the content, style and layout, images, in fact almost everything on your website. However, there are certain elements that are more important than others as far a testing goes. You will have to find out which ones these are and test them with a version that is as different to yours as possible, in order to pick out the relevant changes. Slight differences, such as text color or variation in weight are minor issues.

It is essential to test one element at a time, or you will get confusing data and it will be hard for you to determine which one works as opposed to which one will not. You can for example test a sign up specific that requires people to sign up while for others this can be optional. You may compare email fields and boxes to see which ones work better during the sign up phase.

You can then use the process to run a test on your website, by using the various testing tools available, depending form the platform you are using to find the ideal solution. You should be focusing on checking the number of visitors that are viewing the version of your test, the difference between the versions you are trying out and the way you are measuring the result of each test.

Check the results of the different versions after a few weeks. If you want to maximize your exposure, run your testing on the areas of your website that have intense traffic.




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