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What makes people respond?

When you are building and designing a website which is meant for e-commerce you have to include certain triggers to make people respond to your call to action. Even people who tend to pride themselves on weighting up the pros and cons of any given article which you are presented with, if they have done their presentation properly they will have triggered the desire in you to purchase.

One thing one has to remember is no two people tend to react the same way to the same things. When you use a trigger intentionally on a website you usually get one of two reactions. Some people will respond without thinking through something fully and just go ahead.  Now these people were probably already looking for the item you are offering. In all probabilities if you look at how they were directed to your site, you will find they came from a site where they had been shopping for just such an item. This means they were already half sold on the item and all you had to do was reel them in. Others might take a back step and maybe, if you are lucky, bookmark your site to come back to. This means you need to make it very easy to bookmark your site. Do not just do the normal bookmark. Make it show what the site is about to trigger their memory.

Designers usually use these kinds of triggers sometimes without even knowing it. It is part and parcel of a good design. You might well say if you do this you are going to be getting this. This means the visitor has been drawn to action because they want the two for one a lot of the time not realising that the two for one is there for ever. I am a cynic. Because I have realised that this is a trigger obviously it doesn’t work for me. I would only buy something if I consider the price is realistic, and I really want the article. I am far more likely to comb the web for a similar but either free or lower priced article.

I have a habit of often going to the webinars just to see what they are offering. To be honest with you the majority of them are a total rip-off. When they start by saying it is only for the duration of the webinar that is a warning sign. This is a way to persuade people to buy immediately before they have time to think. Now if they would keep the price reasonable they would get more customers but these folks that tell you, you can earn a million dollars in 8 months trigger major warning signals to me. While the webinar might give you a few titbits of information you didn’t know it is always advisable to check their website. The standard very ugly format of the website is a huge warning signal. Then they have the buy now while we are still open we are only going to be selling so many copies. This is total nonsense. They will sell to anyone foolish enough to pay them. If you go on the site today, and you go on the site tomorrow the same numbers will still be visible.

Another warning signal is the huge price they are asking. If they are really making whatever millions they say they are, there is probably no way they would be out there trying to make you buy from them. They would be quietly making their millions, and if they told anyone how to do it, it might be their best friend or their sister. They are certainly not going to be wasting their time putting together packages and holding webinars.

What these people are doing is using triggers to make you buy without thought, and it is a legal way of getting your hard earned money from you in response to your wish to earn some easier money. Will you be able to replicate what they do? Probably not. Will you get a return on your investment?  Unlikely. Be very careful on what you buy, and if it is from one of those ugly websites run as fast as you can.


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