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What makes you try, buy, or download?

Consideration of a product and how it works is usually a hard task. So many similar products are out there nowadays that it can be difficult to make up one’s mind.

What is the precise trigger that makes you decide to download a trial or to purchase a product in the end? This is the million dollar question asked by marketers all over. What exactly is the psychological trigger that makes you step over the threshold?

The first step is the biggest one. Once you have decided to try something you are more than half way to buy it.

Evaluating something usually entails looking at the pros and cons of each product side by side and maybe even a trial of each. Personally, I look at certain items, and this may not be how others evaluate something. I look at the cost and whether I can purchase it outright. I personally, hate debt and don’t want to buy something I never own. If there is an option to outright purchase, and it’s within my reach money wise that is a definite plus in my books. Next, I look at what support it gives. Support on a product can be worth its weight in gold. Check the write up reviews on the product and see what others experience has been. Do not just read the reviews on the website. These of course will be biased. Do an online search for independent reviews.

I know if it is a month to month cost, I usually skip it. I don’t like to have to keep track of a number of online payments. It’s bad enough to keep track of my web host. If I do like the product, and they have a pay for the year option it might draw me but not otherwise.

The thing people selling have to remember is the competition out there will come up with a counter offer to your product and if their offer is better or simpler it will draw more attention. The main thing is finding it. Most review sites will come up with more than one of the same product and that’s where what is offered comparison of price and the support given is of prime import.

Once a person is over that first hurdle of downloading it in all probably 50 % of them will end up buying it or renting it for a few months. If something is $ 10 a month and $100 for a year I would opt for the year. If, however, I could outright purchase it for $250, I would go for the $250. It might not be immediate but that would be my choice.

What else would entice me? The support system! If the support system is good, then it is a good company. If the support system is lousy it reflects on the overall ethics of the company. The support system has to be superb as it is the ambassador of the company.  If you get fobbed off by someone with their attitude or stonewalling about something it means that in the long run you are probably going to be ripped off. More companies need to check how their support teams work. I am not against farming work out but can a company in India act as support for a company in the USA, especially, if they are not the part of the organization, but merely hired to answer questions. Just my opinion but it’s not good business practice.


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