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What Trends to Avoid When Using Twitter

Many of us use Twitter as it is no doubt a great tool to get your business’ marketing going strong. Although Twitter may appear a simple and limited tool, with its 140 characters there is plenty to delve in that will really enhance your business, if you learn how to use it or avoid using certain trends that can only damage you status.

There are some applications such as Twitterverse that are being misused and causing a bad trend for the use of Twitter. Twitter should not be a place where people can outrageously criticize or unfollow you for any reason; it should be used with good principals and should be there to enhance your business.

Those using and following you on Twitter have the right to be considered respectfully, so avoid useless tweets and comments that make you appear as if you have nothing else to do. Treat them as intelligent people if you wish for the same treatment.

I’m saying this because a lot of this behavior is frequent on Twitter and avoid using these types of trends. You should use Twitter by recommending a person per tweet giving a good reason for doing so, just because they are trendy and sound great is not a good reason to recommend someone. Your reason should clearly explain why you think others will benefit from their tweets. Avoid recommending a dozen people at a time, as that two can be irritating, here again it seems you have nothing better to do that passing your time on Twitter.

Do not use the auto follow or unfollow on Twitter. Can you imagine just how much time you would be spending on Twitter during the day simply taking care of all those who are following you? This is a program that will automatically send you the tweets of all those who are following you. This could become your nightmare.

You should be following people you are really interested in, and not every single person who is following your and vice versa. Using this auto unfollow and follow is not at all useful for you and your business, as you are following people you do not know anything about and who will not serve you for any purpose. They could even be spammers, or any other people who have ideas you do not agree with at all, they could even damage your image, so avoid this program.

Make sure you personally choose the people you wish to follow, so that you have control of those following you and also avoid spending too much time on Twitter. This will also allow you to have more productive exchanges and useful contacts that will actually serve a purpose.

Your aim should not be quantity but quality, fewer, well chosen followers can do wonders for the promotion of your business or other activities you are looking for, while the auto follow and unfollow can bring in some damaging and crazy people. Try and create a good group of relations and friends using the classical way, by for searching people in your own industry and who share the same interests.




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