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Where does Green computing fit in?

What exactly makes computers green beside the red apple logo? Sorry I just had to wonder considering they just held the “first International Conference on Green Computing” about a month or so ago. How computers, which have to be taken apart carefully and not put out with the normal trash to be destroyed, can be contributing to the greening of the world, I am not quite sure, but I guess we can try to make the earth a happier place by advocating growing gardens and by telling people how to grow gardens and how to build eco friendly homes.

Thinking on the subject of greening the world we can make websites around many subjects which can contribute to a greener world like hydroelectric power, wind power and solar energy.

We can make an information super highway aimed at making the world a better place with solar motor cars. No, not the electric car because those still consume power to generate the electricity so although they aren’t spewing the excess of the gasoline into the air, they are causing power stations to spew carbon monoxide into the air.

How can we make the web itself more power friendly? Well, we could build a wind generator and a solar electricity house grid so the computer we use doesn’t use electricity from the main grid. In doing that we are helping ourselves as well because we would no longer be dependent on the grid for our electrical needs and therefore would no longer have to pay a power bill. It’s not impossible to do but most of us are too lazy to try. I have personally been looking into this for some years, and that is as far as I have got. I have the information. I know it’s feasible. However, I haven’t as yet gotten around buying the parts, the transformer and batteries I would require. It actually would be a rather fun project to do and very much a useful item when you consider how much money we spend on power in a year.

What else can we do as far as greening the web is concerned?  We could ask Google to put in a wind power generator and solar panels.  This will cut down on emissions as all those Google searches jog up the emissions on the web. They own on their present stats approximately 83 % of searches so that would do a great deal to green the web. Similarly, we can also ask Apple and Microsoft to do the same. They surely could take 5 cents from each of their expensive products to do this and in actual fact would in the long run save money on the lack of fuel bill.

Let’s look at who else we could influence: Places that host websites. The Hostgaters, and Lunarpages of the world.  Let’s look at what else could be done to green the planet and in doing so green the web. We are supposed to be careful with the old computers and make sure they don’t get thrown anywhere that will influence the water. How about a good filtration plant that removes the fluoride and the other toxins from our water?

One way we can lift the load on the web is to build faster and more efficient websites. In doing so, we will make the draw on the search engines, and our web hosts lighter.

Overall we need to take responsibility for the consumption of electricity and the carbon monoxide and other toxins that are being spewed into the atmosphere as a result.


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