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Where is web design headed to?

With the current rate of growth in the social networking side of the internet one wonders where it will end. It is said that people are joining Facebook at the rate of 700 thousand a day. Whether that is true or not I have no way in ascertaining but I surely know that every website seems to be connected to both Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook must have some attraction I have failed to see even though I am a member. It seems to me to be rather inane offerings of personal information and sharing of videos and time wasting games. I guess my days are too busy with work and doing useful things rather than wasting it playing games. However, then I was always a rebel.

Where is web design going?

For a start more and more people are interacting with other people on the internet. This seems to be the way the web is going. This means your website needs to have one on one interaction with your visitors. I have recently been looking into being able to have a voice chat room on my website, but although it is possible right now it is very expensive. The cheaper programs have major defects and are not with very good support. To date, I haven’t found a plug-in that will do this.  I do know you need to have a cloud virtual server to be safe and for it to work. This can work out expensive although Hostgater does have one, which is a shared one at $50 odd a month. In other words, the technology is almost there, but I will keep on looking. I have looked at systems from $300 to $4000 and so far not found a satisfactory option.

Users are looking for experience in videos as well as one on one chat, which can be in bulk but at this stage the safety aspect is a difficult problem to overcome. By holding all this information in one or more servers you really need to be in cloud servers and https. Hackers and spam bots are a major problem. One thing about using a cloud computing is the speed of load time. This is something you need if you are going to be using a lot of video programming.

The use of jQuery scripts has increased the speed on the sites and there are log libraries of these scripts being created, which means more and more sites will be switching to this.

The need for security on these has to be addressed to make sure you, and your visitors are both safe. Here is where Oauth enters. This says they can make sure your information is safe and secure both for Servers and for developers. I haven’t used it myself as yet, but it definitely sounds interesting and is well worth a look. I haven’t figured out how it works to be secure with no password as yet.

The way the web is going to turn in the near future will be extremely interesting as it will obviously be developing in two ways: The website side and the social side.  It is the meeting of those two in combination, which will be the greatest of the web sites developments in the future.


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