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Which is More Important, Style or Usability When Designing a Website?

When you first start on a project, it offers a new and exciting prospective but it also gives most web designers a sense of expectancy as to how they should keep a good balance between the style and aesthetics of a web design as well as the ease of use.

Nowadays many websites are actually created by the owners of the company, for two main reasons: one because there are so many ready-made templates, tools and options you can use on CMS sites such as Joomla and WordPress and the second is because it can be very expensive to hire a professional web designer.

However, this will render the website unoriginal and certainly not unique. Another problem lies in an equal balance between style and usability, which applies to all elements in a website, including images, design and other options within the web pages.

Every web designer knows how much time he or she has to invest to make a website user-friendly and attractive in order to suit the needs of each client, and this may even result in unsuccessful results despite the time spent on the project. To avoid such results you should keep the target audience in mind, as most of your customers are looking for functionality and not aesthetics.

If you are aiming at a redesign of a website with the sole aim of rendering it more attractive, then this is not an easy step to take, as a redesign of a website also means that users will no longer recognize their favorite template and may feel lost with a completely new redesigning. This could therefore be counter-productive. If you really need to redesign a website, this can only be for two valid reasons, either because the existing design is really bad or because it is time to give it a little change.

If you are redesigning to improve the way your website is presented and to make it more attractive then this will present fewer problems as the users will appreciate the improvements, but always keep in mind that you should aim at functionality and ease of use as well as simplicity, all improvements should be to offer a better usability.

If your intention is to redesign for a fresh look, then this is slightly more difficult, as the people using the website are used to certain favorite features and may not like to see these change. All drastic changes will not sit well with website users.

To avoid making really bad mistakes, you should avoid a drastic redesigning and focus on improving usability and certain functions already present on your website. Keep it simple and to the point, you should try and step into the users’ shoes and select all favorite and important options already available and recognizable by the readers and only make minor changes for ease of access, loading speed and simply add information that can really be of use to readers.

You can also run a test for your new design and allow people to get used to it without having to use it immediately. Feedback on the test website may help you make the right type of changes, increasing the popularity of the website.


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