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Which Operating system to use

I am definitely sort of stuck in the loop of PC windows environment. Although I have looked at changing over to a Mac (who hasn’t): The simple truth is I have been using a PC for so long it would cost a fortune to change over all my programs.  The basic cost of the Mac would pale into insignificance in comparison.

When asking myself what I am going to do when I have to replace my present system, I have been looking at the various options and to be honest I cannot make up my mind other than to say whatever I do I will keep my Laptop, which is Windows based as a spare and to get on to Paltalk. I really don’t want the hassle of dealing with Paltalk and a Mac combined.

Drupal is similar to Linux

To be honest I would have liked to go over to Linux long ago, but it is just too complex for my old brain. I have all the various versions of it, and although I have loaded it a few times and tried it out, I have got frustrated as even with all Windows problems it is still far more user friendly than Linux. Now Drupel is a good, and I believe well liked system to use to make websites I am going to stick to the ones I use. Its said to be close to a blogging platform for the bigger kind of websites. I had a look at it and was a little daunted by the ways to use things. Thanks for making things easy for old brains WordPress.

Joomla is similar to Windows

Joomla was a program I downloaded recently, but although I have sort of looked around it to see how it worked. I was really impressed with the plug-in for the streaming video, but so far I haven’t really ventured into the design aspect of it much. I tend to revert to my tried and tested Dreamweaver where I know my way around. It’s so much quicker to work with something you have known well for years than to start a whole new learning curve. One of these days is what I keep telling myself. It looks easy enough. In fact, it looks rather like windows in some respects. It is merely a case of forcing myself to learn correctly how it works. There is certainly a massive selection of plug-ins to use.

WordPress is similar to the Macintosh

WordPress is a platform that I know and that is a platform to end all platforms. It is extremely easy to work with and has so many plug-in that have been built for it over time I believe there must be thousands. When you want to do anything for WordPress someone always has the right advice. It is merely a case of doing a small search for it. There are magazines devoted to it and is the Codex on the website. Its simple, there are themes galore, the plug-ins and widgets cover the whole spectrum of what you would need.

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