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Words That Need to Be Heard

The hook needs to be baited so the fish can be caught. After that you can reel him in hook line and sinker.
If you are writing, you are writing for a reason. To tell someone something they literally MUST hear. Nothing is more dismal than to hear someone drone on for hours about something you lost interest in, in the first sentence. You know the type of thing. Uncle Johnnie telling his life story of how he grew up in a one horse town and lived or got buried there his whole life. How boring is that.

Do You Want to Bore Your Audience or Entrance Them?

While most people scan a website to see if there is anything of interest to them you need to use those few moments to grab them and keep them. The only thing that will do that is words that A. they will never forget. B. the fact that you aroused their curiosity.

There are certain things you need to do to do this. You need to address them one on one. You invite them into your life and you share with them. This requires personal interaction. I tell you about what is happening to me and in turn you absorb it into your life and pass it one. Don’t pressure people, just go with the flow. If they like what you are passing on to them they will return.  Some famous person once said in a movie. I remember a gruff voice.  “I will return” that’s what you want to hear.

Don’t be hoity toity with your language.  High brow doesn’t kick it will a lot of folks.  If you want to talk like a dictionary get a job with the Oxford English.

When you are interacting with someone they don’t want to be sent on a mission to find out about you. Have the information on the website. They don’t want to Facebook search or Twitter to see what you are about. They want the information at hand.

Share the real you with folks

Talk to them like they are friends. Not family but friends. Not all family is friendly but friends are extended family.

Ok you read through the words and correct the spellings or the wrong keys you pressed but save that till you have finished writing. That way you get the overall feel of your web posting. It is there to portray something of your character and the essence of who you are. If the public like the way you present yourself they will be back.

My dad always used to say and it’s a famous saying not original. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. That is something to remember. It’s also the hardest type to put across successfully.

You have come to the end of your post but before you hit the enter key, Take a read through what you wrote. Correct those blatant spelling mistakes. (Mine is always full of them) and then check those areas where you sound like the Sunday Little things mean a lot.


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