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Your first few steps with Twitter

Have you just discovered Twitter, this cute way to keep in touch with your friends? Are you not familiarized with it? Do you need some guiding steps to start using it as a search engine? Well, then here it is the right place where you can find the information you need.

First of all, I would start with basic information. So, to be able to join Twitter community you have to sign up. Go to twitter.com and click on “Get Started” section. All you have to do next is to fill out the required information and here your Twitter account is! Now, I would advise you to set up two accounts: an account on your personal name and one for business. It is advisable to do this, even if you are not going to use the business account for a while, for example. However, you can have the surprise later when you want to make your business account that somebody else has already grabbed your name.

Now you have to set up your own profile. There are many free Twitter backgrounds you can use but for the moment you can choose one from the Twitter list. Anyway you will be able to change this from “Settings”. Don’t hesitate to introduce information about your website and about you. Trust me – people really want to find out information about you.

Now you can start to make your personal network. Twitter offers you the possibility to import e-mail lists or contacts from the instant messaging services. More on, you can start to find your friends. If you want to have a list with interesting people use Twitter search engine on search.twitter.com and plug your interests in. You will get an entire list with people, and you will be able to choose what persons to follow. Following someone means to add him as a friend.
As soon as you begin following a person, his/her updates/Tweets are appearing in your own Twitter feed. If a person is annoying you with too many foolish Tweets you can remove her from your list. To do this you must only go on the page of her/his profile from the Twitter site and to click on his/her name and then on “Remove”.

If you want to post messages or your” Tweets” you can do this going to your profile page. Here you will be provided a box where you can type what you want.  Anyway your post must be always polite, honest and friendly because everyone can read them.
Don’t forget that Twitter is a place where you can share a lot of interesting things with other people. If you have helpful advice and tips, if you have a website, or if you have something interesting to say, don’t hesitate, do it. Twitter is a place where you van meet valuable people, or you can learn exceptional things. More on, it is a place where you can promote your products or your ideas. So, welcome to Twitter! It is a fascinating place where you will meet a wonderful world.

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